Role play gamers have their own T-shirts, their own pens, their own chars.
Why not their own special dice?! RPG-Dice.

Your personal dice

As present, team-dice
or gamer "business" card.

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RPG-Dice. RPG-Dice: The perfect Present for Gamer and Gamemaster. RPG-Dice, personal, customized, Role Play Game, RPG, Gamemaster, Pen-and-Paper, Present, Gift, Pen, and, Paper


Perfect Present

For Gamemaster

Role Play Gamers


This GAMERBOARD was made by gamers for gamers. Ideal for all tabletop miniature games and roleplaying games (RPG).

For all roleplaying games (RPG), tabletop miniature and strategy games (consim/cosim).

Game Grid hexagon

Robust aluminium holding frame.

Insert transparent sheets, drawings and maps and clamp them with the holding frame. The holding frame prevents shifting of sheets and maps.

Magnetic whiteboard.

It keeps all magnet-pawns in place. Use the colored magnet buttons as game-pawns or glue neodym-magnets to the lower side of your own game-pawns.

Transparent sheet is writable.

The cover sheet is writable with whiteboard-markers.

Draw additional details on the maps without damaging the maps.

Writable transparent sheets with grids:

Various Hexagon-grids

and quadratic grids

and others. Put a grid over prefabricated maps or your own drawings. The transparent sheets protect the maps and are writable.

Magnet sets:

Colored magnet buttons, stackable, base diameter 10 mm, magnetic pawns, base diameter 12 mm, neodym-magnets, round, 6 mm diameter, 2 mm high and others.


Present Paper and Pen-and-Paper Role Play Game RPG-Dice personal Gamemaster Pen RPG customized Gift

o RPGWatch 2 - o Encased - Gamepad Support [2021-11-26]

In case some of you are playing with a gamepad controller, you'll be happy to hear about today's development update. Upcoming update and gamepad support Dear subscribers! The latest issue of the post-apocalyptic CRONUS Weekly is, once more, on your screen....

RPG Gift Role Play Game RPG-Dice customized Present Paper Gamemaster Pen-and-Paper personal and Pen

o RPGWatch 2 - o Trail of Ayash - Upcoming Open World Pre-Columbian Era RPG [2021-11-25]

WolfHeartFPS plays Trail of Ayash which is an open world action RPG set during the pre-Columbian era. Become Ayash. Once a respected member of his tribe until a trusted family member betrayed and framed him. Alone and without aid Ayash must redeem himself amidst the intrigue of tribal society and the monsters lurking in the wilderness or perhaps avenge himself on those who abandoned him....

and Gift Role Play Game Present Gamemaster RPG-Dice Pen-and-Paper Pen RPG Paper customized personal

o RPGWatch 2 - o The Invincible - New Gameplay Trailer [2021-11-25]

DSOGaming reports on a new gameplay trailer for The Invincible.


Starward Industries, a studio formed by former The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 and Dying Light developers, has released a new gameplay trailer for The Invincible. This new trailer gives us a first look at this new sci-fi thriller....

Gift personal Gamemaster Pen-and-Paper Role Play Game customized Paper RPG and Pen Present RPG-Dice

o RPGWatch 2 - o Atari - May Buy MobyGames [2021-11-26]

@shamroxor spotted that Atari announced an investment giving them the option to purchase the assets of MobyGames. Thanks! Atari Announces Strategic Transactions November 23, 2021 12:00 ET | Source: ATARI Paris, France, November 23, 2021 at 6:00pm CET – Atari SA and its subsidiaries (the “Atari Group”), one of the world's most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers, today announced an up to US$3....

Pen-and-Paper Paper Gamemaster Role Play Game customized and Gift personal RPG Pen RPG-Dice Present

o RPGWatch 2 - o Valheim - Dev Blog November [2021-11-26]

Iron Gate Studio posted an update. There are some spoilers, follow the link if you wish to see them. Development Blog November: New Content, Mistlands and Awards Welcome back!


Today we don’t only have a blog post to share with you – we’re also releasing a smaller content patch....

Pen-and-Paper personal Gamemaster Role Play Game RPG-Dice Gift Pen Present RPG and customized Paper

o RPGWatch 2 - o Broken Roads - Video with Dev Commentary [2021-11-25]

Drop Bear Bytes posted a new video with commentaries from the team. Aldersyde & Surveyor origin story video with dev commentary New video with Broken Roads' Creative Lead, Audio Lead and Game Director discussing more early game content New playthrough and commentary video just gone live! Here's a first look at the Surveyor origin story and the small settlement of Aldersyde, with dev commentary by Creative Lead Colin McComb, Composer and Audio Lead Tim Sunderland, and Game Director Craig Ritchie....

RPG-Dice: Perfect Present For Gamemaster Role Play Gamers. RPG-Dice: The perfect Present for Gamer and Gamemaster. RPG-Dice, personal, customized, Role Play Game, RPG, Gamemaster, Pen-and-Paper, Present, Gift, Pen, and, Paper


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